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Swiss Otaku watched anime ‘Prison School’, His reaction is…


Melon Pan, who is Otaku and live in Switzerland, is very popular in Japan because he is high tension and cool and crazy. Nice Hentai.

He watched new summer anime ‘Prison School’ and he was excited. Maybe he likes this anime. He updated image that he was wearing unusual clothes and dance on Twitter.

Great… He shaked the whip on the bed. He is crazy…



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People who watched his cool image commented…’He is happy’, ‘Beautiful ass’, ‘Is this Swiss Otaku?’ ‘Oh no! I have to do something about it right now!’ ‘He is Artistic!’. He is also popular in Japan.





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  • for old curmudgeons taprped in the 80 s vibe. There is new stuff out there that draws on the roots of anime and isnt all fluff and pink and girly. (not that anyone who likes those shows shouldnt watch em lol).I guess in short I agree pretty much with what was said, and while I DONT know what happens in ep 300 of Bleach (I left off in the Zanpaktou Rebellion?) I DID watch Code Geass and found it quite likable (tho i need to finish season 2). Ill leave the discussion of my own torrenting habits for another time. ^^P.S. Btw, if either of you ever get in the mood for some Nth generation archaic VHS copies, I can more than supply some

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