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PoyoPoyo GIF Animaker – we can make hopping characters easily.


Cute hopping characters!

PoyoPoyo GIF Animaker have been the topic in Japan. It is a website that we can make hopping characters easily in. This hopping is 3 types, jumping to the top, hopping as suspicious behavior, hopping to rejoice, we can choose them.


Hopping character

How to make is easy. Character image is recommended that this image contains whole body and certain margin.

1. Drag and drop the image
2. Choose image size(200px or 300px or 400px)
3. Choose hopping types(ぴょこぴょこ、きょろきょろ、びょんびょん)
4. Download the gif image

Famous illustrator and Manga artist in Japan

Japanese famous illustrators and Manga artists has made hopping images. Especially they make characters of Kantai Collection, Love Live! and posted on Twitter. We can watch their hopping images on Twitter hashtag ‘#ぽよぽよGIFアニメーカー‘. Any illustrations is cute, be healed when we see! Ah^~ It makes my heart keep hopping^~(あぁ^~心がぴょんぴょんするんじゃぁ^~)[1].


1. Famous lines in made from Anime ‘Is the Order a Rabbit?’.




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