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Popular among overseas coslay too?! Prison school is now livening up


The anime Prison school (Kangokugakuen 監獄学園)now on air is popular for cos-play in thins summer comic market we could see the main character Kiyoshi, Gakuto, back student vice president. At cos-play summit in Nagoya, Hana-chan also joined and this anime is really popular for cos-play.

In fact, Prison school is so popular and many cos-player show us various costume. So I will introduce some of them.

超棒的團照!!!別問我怎樣趴上去wwww哈哈!!!現在乘飛機去台灣囉!!!美臀TBS來囉!(最近新稱號…)FF見!!!-監獄学園Prison School-藤野 清志cn TBS諸葛 岳人cn 千若本 真吾cn 秋之雪…

Posted by Tsubasa Cosplayer on 2015年8月27日

5 boys and  3 back student council get together5 boys Kiyoshi,Gakuto, Shingo,Joe,Andre and President Mari,  vice president Meiko, clerk Hana-chan got together in this photo.

This picture is from Hong Kong’s popular cosplayer Tsubasa’s Facebook and shared over 200, get about 2000 Good!

為什麼有那麼多現場實況www謝@AsaDuo Tang 拍攝!藤野 清志cn TBS諸葛 岳人cn 千若本 真吾cn 秋之雪糕根津 譲二cn Kin安堂 麗治cn 王羽釘栗原 万里cn Olivie白木 芽衣子cn Hazazel緑川 花cn Luffy Cosplayer↓↓↓G2A Asian Games Festival↓↓↓ code 3% : TBS

Posted by Tsubasa Cosplayer on 2015年7月28日

On July, 5 boy are on all fours and back student counsil’s 3 member step on them and this movie is presented to the public and getting so popular.

From the posted time and place, I guess it’s a event of ACGHK, I couldn’t see them…
Tsubasa shows more various scene of Prison school.

進入了。-監獄学園Prison School-藤野 清志cn TBS白木 芽衣子cn HazazelPhoto by 鄭紀沛…

Posted by Tsubasa Cosplayer on 2015年8月25日

好!還能趕上七夕wwwwwwwHappy V day<3監獄学園Prison School藤野 清志cn TBS緑川 花 cn Luffy…

Posted by Tsubasa Cosplayer on 2015年8月20日

能取是能力,能捨是境界。夢想不會逃走,逃走的只有你自己。監獄学園Prison School藤野 清志cn TBSPhoto by 鄭紀沛…

Posted by Tsubasa Cosplayer on 2015年8月18日


Posted by Tsubasa Cosplayer on 2015年7月26日

There’re more and more of cosplay pics of Prison school!


At worldcosplay we can see many posts of cosplay pics of  Prison school and they’re taken up by the media. Of course, there’re many Japanese cosplayes but there’re fairly numbers of cosplayers from Hong Kong. I think vice president, Hana-chan,Kiyoshi and Gakuto are comparatively many as cosplay.

24 Prison School Cosplays That Bring the Fetish Anime to Life
Prison School Cosplay [20+Pics] – Your Beloved Sexy Vice President & Secretary..

What is Prison School?

Prison School (監獄学園プリズンスクール Purizun Sukūru?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto. It began serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine on February 7, 2011. Yen Press has licensed the manga in North America. An anime adaptation has been announced,as well as a live-action drama television series.(from Wikipedia)





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