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“Ghost in the Shell” Motoko Kusanagi’s Ukiyoe started to accept orders!


For “Ghost in the Shell”‘s 25th anniversary,at Pazzy Entertainment Co.,Ltd.’s “Otaku Works shop” “Ghost in the Shell”‘s Ukiyoe is decided to sell.

Expert artisan of Edo engraving print is making perfect Ukiyoe of “Ghost in the Shell”.

For the first shot,poster illustrations of 『GHOST IN THE SHELL/ 攻殻機動隊』 by director Oshii Mamoru restructuring as 21st century’s “Ukiyoe works”.

Continuing this design from Edo era by using internationally high rated  examples of traditional craftsmanship of “carving”, “rubbing” and human national treasure Mr. Ichibee Iwano ‘s “handmade thick Japanese paper” reproduces them perfectly.

For sign and seal, Mr.Okiura Hiroyuki who drew original poster illustration wrote sign by brush for this Ukiyoe and made it as a engraving.

Reservation already started from today 2nd Septembre and closing date is the end of Novembre.The price is 43,200 yen.

Sold at the same time whole world and restricted number of 300. Also for the second shot,from  “Ghost in the Shell  new movie version” a general manager/character designer Kise Kazeya newly draws a rough sketch for the Ukiyoe.





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