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[Love Live!]Kotori Minami Birthday Festival in Akiba


It is the birthday of Kotori Minami from Love Live! on September 12. Birthday Festival on Twitter is here >>> [Love Live!]Kotori Minami Birthday Festival on Twitter!

Do you like Kotori Minami? I think she is liked by most man especially pure innocent and have many female fans. In Japan, There are many people that play cosplaying her and I took pics of them. My favorite character from Love Live! is Maki Nishikino, but when it is said to have loved Kotori-chan, intolerable!

Kotori Minami Birthday Festival in Akiba

Kotori fans have celebrated her. Especially Akihabara Otaku Shops and Game Center are also celebrated her grandly, Anyway, awesome!

I had taken the shop. If you are interested, I want you to see. If you like Kotori, you will be satisfied. If you are not in Japan, you’ll want to go to Japan resting all the work!!!

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