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Your Lie in April’s cosplay 89 pics by cosplayers from overseas!


This is a bit old story but I introduce. Your Lie in April is decided to be made into an  animation to live-action film and it’s a popular topic, in overseas otaku media, cosplayers showed an cosplay-album “Relive the Entire Your Lie in April Anime Through This Cosplay Set” and it’s very hot now.  (including spoiler)






Composed of 9 pics, the cosplay-album Your Lie In April,from the scene of the first met Kaori Miyazono and Kousei Arima to school life with Tsubaki Sawabe and Ryota Watari and the scene of playing the piano and the violin,parting are reproduced in digest version.

Kousei Arima is played by 天山基佬, Tsubaki Sawabe by  DCat凳猫猫, Ryota Watari by 人渣安, Kaori Miyazono by 流一喵. They are from China/Shanghai.




reproduced that moving scene

[COMPLETED COSPLAY ALBUM].THE FEELING HIT YOU SO HARD T^TSorry for the small photos but it is tooooooooooooooo…

Posted by House of Cosplay on 2015年5月13日

started from Face Book


In overseas otaku media took this topic recently but in May 2015, they, the cosplayers submitted pics at the site of image uploading imgur ,BB reddit. In FB they got about 4000 good! shared over 8000,got over 400 comments and there are the comments saying “Amazing”, “I won’t cry, won’t cry but cry a lot”,”The best cosplay ever!”.

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