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[Just Annouced]Anime Rewrite is announced!


Visual Novel ‘Rewrite’ will be animated! It was announced in anime ‘Charlotte’  final episode.



Rewrite Official Website

Anime staff information has also been published. Director is Tensyo worked on Kiniro Mosaic and Grisaia series, character designer is Masayuki Nonaka worked on Grisaia series main animator. An anime adaptation by 8-Bit has been announced.

Original work:Key
Configuration and screenplay cooperation:Romio Tanaka・Kai(Visual Arts)
Character Draft:Itaru Hinoue(Key/Visual Arts)
Character Design:Masayuki Nonaka
Animation production:8-Bit

What is Rewrite?

Rewrite (リライト Riraito) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Key, a brand of VisualArt’s. It was released on June 24, 2011 for Windows PCs and is rated for all ages. Rewrite is Key’s ninth game, along with other titles such asKanon, Air, and Clannad. Key released a fan disc expanding on the game’s story titled Rewrite Harvest festa! on July 27, 2012 for Windows. Rewrite was ported to the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. The story follows the life of Kotarou Tennouji, a high school student with superhuman abilities who investigates supernatural mysteries with five girls from his school. This ultimately leads him into the middle of a conflict between familiarsummoners and superhumans searching for a familiar girl named Kagari who is the key to intelligent life and its destruction on Earth. (via:wiki)




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