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GochiUsa Halloween Exhibition in Akiba – ‘Is the Order a Rabbit?’ ?


Don’t you think ‘Is the Order a Rabbit? (GochiUsa)’ is adorable? If you do, take a look at this article!

GochiUsa Halloween Exhibition is being held in Animate Akihabara, Akiba Otaku Shop. Exhibition space includes anime character panels, limited items, anime illustrations and more! In addition, during the exhibition period, the department stores will use these girls’ illustrations.

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What is Is the Order a Rabbit?

Is the Order a Rabbit? (Japanese: ご注文はうさぎですか? Romanji: Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka?), often abbreviated as GochiUsa (ごちうさ), is a Japanese 4-panel comedy manga series by Koi, serialized in Hōbunsha’s seinen manga magazine, Manga Time Kirara Max, since March 2011. They have been compiled to four tankōbon volumes in total as of September 2015. An anime television series adaptation by White Fox aired in Japan between April and June 2014. A second season, co-produced by White Fox and Kinema Citrus, began airing in October 2015.





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